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Hampus Johansson

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I have an interest in travels, sports, web design, politics, food, and mostly anything related to my studies.

My main goal in everything I do is to improve myself as a person and develop unique skills that will benefit people around me and myself.


Communicating information to the right stakeholders


Buying and selling products or services online


Keeping track of financial transactions


Expanding business worldwide


This is a short presentation of my CV to read more about my experiences download the PDF


Social Insurance Agent, 2010-2016
As an insurance agent I evaluated cases and decided the right to child benefits. Day-to-day activities mainly concerned controlling paperwork, contacting customers, taking decisions, sending decisionletters, and staying up-to-date with laws and regulations. I also educated new employees in their introduction to the field of child benefits and assisted them as a supervisor.

MH Imports

Part-owner, 2011-2014
As part-owner of MH Imports I shared responsibility with one other person which gave me an in-depth understanding of all aspects of a business, from sales to accounting. We were active in the field of e-commerce, web design, staffing, import and sales.

Jönköping University

Marketing Management, 2013-2016
A bachelor's degree of science with a major in Business Administration. The main fields that are studied are entrepreneurship, marketing, and international business. The program covers a wide range of courses and gives good insight in different aspects of an international business and what it takes to succeed in a global environment.